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Solar - Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has gained importance as a technology of choice in the recent past. It is now capable of being the new power generation capacity worldwide. While in India, it has gained the country, the recent status of the lowest-cost producer of solar power. Further, this reflects an ongoing shift towards renewable power as the primary driver of global energy transformation. Realizing the potential of this fast-developing industry, the Government of India has set an initial target of 20 GW capacity by 2022. Manufacturers and service providers of solar panel in Nagpur have contributed their best to help India achieve this target four years ahead of its schedule.

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Over the years, from 2014 to 2018, India has expanded its solar-generation capacity eight times. In terms of figures, it has increased from 2650 MW in 2014 to 20GW in 2018. Consequently, solar panel manufacturers and dealers in Nagpur and other parts of India have reduced their costs of setting up solar power projects by 80 per cent. Thus, this falling cost of renewable technology by solar installation companies in Nagpur makes it a compelling business case. For this reason, this technology has gained popularity in the Indian cities of Nagpur, Akola, Amravati, Wardha, Chandrapur, Bhandara, and Gondia where it is deemed to be the key to future energy decarbonization.

Solar Junction is a leading solar panel manufacturing company in Nagpur that has realized that it is cheaper to develop and operate solar farms than to run coal-fired plants. With the same token, renewable energy also has some significant environmental benefits to offer. This form of energy is the single biggest driver to help India meet carbon emission reduction targets set under the Paris Agreement.

Since India is a growing economy, power consumption is going to rise forever. Adoption of alternative forms of energy at all levels is an ideal way to manage the balance between economic development and sustainable environment. This balance symbolizes that there is a need to install solar panels even at household levels. Moreover, the reduced solar panel cost Nagpur has made this even more worth it. A typical 5KW solar system for home in Nagpur shall be able to produce sufficient to power the household. However, there may not be enough roof space for a system of that size. Thus, the solar panels for households are designed with a dimension of 1.70m x 1.00 m. The overall sizing shall depend upon the load requirement of the household. Most solar companies in Nagpur suggest that low wattage appliances can be operated well by solar systems. At the same time, high wattage appliances cannot be operated using solar PV system.

At present, the Indian solar power consumers enjoy better energy security by locking their investment in solar electricity for 25 years and thereby hedging against the variations in the electricity grid prices. India is the cheapest producer of solar energy, is not merely a coincidence, but, a success story of effective public, private partnerships by solar panel plant in Nagpur.


Solar Energy

The world as it is heavily dependant on petrol, coal, wood, and water for producing energy. We assume there is uninterrupted supply. On the other hand, we have an inexhaustible supply of solar energy. So why not rely more on solar energy?

Benefits of solar energy

Solar energy is clean which does not produce poisonous carbon monoxide and other pollutants. The benefits of producing energy from solar power are enormous in terms of economy, environmental protection and creating job opportunities.

The cost benefit ratio

It involves a certain amount of investment for producing it which may be high for an individual’s requirement. But the direct and indirect benefits certainly outweigh the cost in the long run. The benefits are far more than the disadvantages.

Life expectancy

The solar panels typically would last for a minimum of 25 years depending on the weather conditions and maintenance. However, during this period, you have contributed substantially to the environment by not producing toxic effluents.

Why Choose Us?

Take control of your energy needs:

Solar Junction has helps customers reduce their power bills and their reliance on traditional forms of energy. We believe in helping you generate your own energy, to store that energy so you can use it when you need most, and to assist you optimize how your energy is used in your home or business. As such, we believe in helping you make a positive environmental impact and want you to reap the financial benefits of taking charge of your own energy needs.

Tailored solutions using the latest in smart home technology:

Solar Junction are at the leading edge of technology innovations for solar, energy storage, hot water, energy optimisation, and smart home products. We are here to support you through your energy transition. From the first time you make an enquiry, to customising the perfect solution for your needs, and lastly through to installation and energy monitoring. We look at the bigger picture and work with you to develop a long-term vision that will increase your self-sufficiency and consequently reduce your dependence on electricity grid and energy retailers.

Best Installers in the Industry:

When you purchase a solar or energy storage system from Solar Junction we take care of the entire system installation from start to finish. We only use Certified qualified installers to undertake installations, and our own internal egineers and technical support staff. This differentiates us from most of our competitors, who often hand-off the installation to third-parties, consequently meaning you as the end customer are shuffled between companies at different parts of the process.
Moreover, by taking control of the entire process we can ensure the highest level of quality is ensured. In the rare event there are issues afterwards during post-installation, we can send our own engineers out to promptly investigate and fix the issue. It’s this level of support that makes us one of the leaders in the solar and energy storage industry.

Tried and tested products that go the distance:

With so many options to choose from it can be difficult to determine which products to select for your installation. At Solar Junction, we have spent considerable time researching and testing products in the industry. Further, our background as an Agent in the industry has taught us a lot about which manufactures to trust and which products work best in different situations. We have therefore forged strong relationships with India’s leading solar and energy storage brands. Each of these manufacturers has proven themselves as market leaders and innovators in the industry, and all of them provide local warranty support to ensure you are provided with the best after-sales care.

Raising the bar as a Approved Retailer:

Solar Junction aims at forming an exclusive club of solar retailers across the country by becoming a Clean Energy approved solar retailer. The code of conduct sets a high bar for the solar industry and protects you as the consumer from unscrupulous operators and poor quality installations. Solar Junction prides itself on the quality of the information and advice we give to our customers and this quotation is a testament to the investment Solar Junction has made in providing you with clear and comprehensive advice.




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