On grid and off grid power plant

On grid and off grid power plant

On-grid Solar power System

Terms like grid-connect, grid-tied and grid-direct refer to the on-grid solar power system and are the most common systems preferable by people. In case your solar panelsare unable to produce enough energy due to the unsupportive weather conditionsthen it automatically connects to the energy supplier (of your area)and thus prevents you from facing any shortage of electricity. On the other hand, on-Grid systems if produces more energy than you require, then it would send the excess electricity to the grid.

In absence of adequate sunlight, the solar panels are unable to work at optimum levels and at that time you can draw electricity from the grid to meet your electricity requirements. One more advantage associated with this on-grid solar power system is that you can have an agreement with your suppliers, where you can receive compensation for the excess electricity you provide to the grid. But as this system is connected to the utility power grid you would also have to suffer the power outages that affect the whole area you are staying in.

These systems are cost-effective, easy to install and would put money into your pockets for the long term.

 Off-Grid Power Systems

Off-grid systems are more common in rural areas where the people cannot connect to the grid. This system runs independently of the grid and has the requirement of PV panels in order to take care of all your power needs. As every home has the higher demand for electricity in the night, when production is absent, then such systems rely on batteries or generators.

These systems are more complex and offer lesser flexibility. You need to continually monitor the electrical usage and keep the panel outputs below maximum levels.

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