DBA Program

DBA Program

India is claimed to have the top solar power users as compared to the other countries in the world. People are also keen on switching to solar energy in order to meet their daily energy requirements, while government with the co-operation of the common man are working towards making India pollution free.

So, if you are the one who is interested in selling our products and earn a good pay with this golden opportunity then read below to know more or email us at: [email protected] / contact us at: (+91)9175111023 / (+91)9604750119.

How can I start the solar business?

Solar Junction offers a golden opportunity of earning a good amount to all passionate people who are interested in selling the solar products and believe in clean and green energy. Even if you are not aware of the technicalities, you don’t have to worry, as our team of professionals would help and guide you throughout your business cycle or whenever you need help.

Become our Direct Business Associate (DBA)

No investment needed and work in your free time!!!

Our DBA program is designed for people who are very much interested in making India “Go Solar” while also contributing to making India cleaner and greener. Anyone can become our direct business associate and no prior experience and knowledge are needed. You can be a Housewife, retired individual, businessman or a full time working professional. As long as you can convince people and make them buy our products, we would feel happy to be associated with you.

Solar Junction would provide you with all the training, information and general legal knowledge to suggest solar solutions to people nearby you.

We would also provide you with the sales and marketing support in the locality you are opting to do business. With our support, you would be able to do more installations in your locality.

Procedure of our direct Business Associate Program

  1. Contact us on: (+91)9175111023 / (+91)9604750119 or email us at:[email protected] to become our direct business associate.
  2. After the shortlisting of the candidates and the complete documentation work, we would conduct an induction program followed by training, workshops, projects and site visits.
  3. We would provide you with all the marketing leaflets and brochures.
  4. After the completion of the training, you would start generating leads with our necessary guidance and get paid a set ofcommission as per the cost of the Cost of every installation varies as per the size of the project.
  5. You just need to convince the people of a locality to install solar products and our technical team would do rest of the designing and installations.
  6. You can make money with every successful recommendation whether it is 3 or 30 leads in a year.

I don’t have a manufacturing unit and prior experience, is selling solar products profitable business for me?

Many people have the misconception that only solar products manufacturer can do a profitable business. The fact is many businesses have entered the market who had their own manufacturing unit of solar batteries, panels, charge controllers, etc., but many people prefer to go for the branded products due to the trust factor. If you are new to this business, we at solar junction are there to guide you to find the right brand. You just need to have the knack and professional approach towards selling the product.

How much Can I earn?

Unlimited earnings with added incentives!!! It depends upon your efforts, the way of marketing and convincing people, business strategies, and contacts. Depending upon the leads you can easily earn lakhs of rupees.

We at the solar junction would always guide you in your money-making journey. We would provide the necessary support to you and your team in order to answer the customer queries. You should make sure that the right product is reaching the customer.

What are you waiting for, to become a successful Direct Business Associate we are just a call away!!!!

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